We believe the government should take an ambitious approach to Relationships Education. That means going beyond the classroom and giving them the skills to develop lasting relationships.

The Family Stability Network has joined up with the Centre for Social Justice to respond to the Government’s review of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in schools. We believe good relationships education must help young people to achieve their long term relationship goals and understand how to build relationships that last. To do this well information on relationships needs to be online as well as part of the school curriculum. It’s no good just talking about relationships in schools when teenagers spend nearly a day a week online.

This is a big moment for helping teenagers understand what a healthy, lasting relationship looks like but it’s also a chance to re-think how we deliver RSE. This is why we have called on the Department for Education to launch an Innovation Fund to promote high quality online provision of relationship information and advice. We should mirror what we do in the classroom online to reach every teenager in the country.

The Family Stability Network was set up to help people understand how to build relationships that last and understand and what makes a healthy and unhealthy relationship. We have set out our views on how the Government can do this through reforms to Relationships Education in a policy paper published here. We believe that the R for Relationships in RSE should be separated from the S for Sex so young people can develop relationship skills to see them through life.  From understanding important relationship concepts such as commitment and why marriage matters to developing the skills to manage conflict, developing strong relationship skills really matter. This is a chance to equip young people with the skills they need to develop long term, lasting relationships in adult life. We need your support to make the government listen and act.

Download the Family Stability Network and Centre for Social Justice case for a more ambitious approach to Relationships and Sex Education here

Major relationships charities back our call for an Innovation Fund for Better Relationships Education. Download our Letter to the Times here.

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