We are working with other organisations to shape relationship education for young people that prepares them to meet the ambitions they have voiced for healthy, committed relationships as adults, as well as realities today.

This is a big moment for helping young people understand what a healthy, lasting relationship looks like but it’s also a chance to re-think how we deliver RSE.

We have called for RSE that:

  1. Celebrates the positive ambitions of the 77% of young people who want to improve their future relationships skills while responding to the risks they face today.
  2. Develops healthy relationships with oneself and others is key to tackling further issues around consent, body image and sexual violence.
  3. Involves and supports parents to work with children and young people on relationship education.
  4. Is consistent in the messages it delivers to young people;
  5. Recognises that young people learn from their experience of relationships. Young people will not always think their way to good relationships.
  6. Starts relationship education during early years provision to maximise the benefits to children.
  7. Harnesses the power of social media to reach young people with information when they need it most.
  8. Makes use of existing learning from faith schools, where this recognises the diversity of all children and young people.

This is a chance to equip young people with the skills they need to develop long term, lasting relationships in adult life. We need your support to make the government listen and act.



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