Spokespeople on family stability (occasional)

Location: Flexible. Home-based. Availability to travel to London/Manchester.
Salary: Competitive rate based on approximately 8 hours per week.
Closes: 29 August 2018.
Hours: Flexible.


To deliver FASTN messages and provide high quality guidance in a compelling and authoritative manner, so contributing to wider relationships knowledge and behaviour change.



To be a champion for FASTN and the values/ positions it stands for.

To enable FASTN to make the most of opportunities to stimulate debate, influence opinion and inform by representing the organisation in print and broadcast media.

To apply relationship expertise and advice to media content aimed at FASTN target audiences.


Person specification:


Relationship expertise.

Qualifications relevant to relationship support sector e.g. relationship counsellor, relationship skills educator.

Experience in delivering relationships support to individuals, families and/or couples.

Experience in support of younger audiences (specifically 16-25-year olds).


  • Effective and proven communicator on TV and radio.
  • Engaging writer who can respond to briefs quickly and succinctly.
  • Flexibility to target different target audiences (by age and gender).
  • Active on social media with a strong following in the relationship space (desirable but not essential).

Demonstrable commitment to FASTN values (below):

  • Joins FASTN in the goal of reducing family separation and increasing family stability:
    • Agree that family stability important to ensuring that children are nurtured in a safe,   stable environment;
    • Recognise that family stability can be achieved in a range of environments e.g. single parent families, two parent families, blended families, etc.
  • Holds values which are in line with FASTN and the Status project:
    • Promote relationship support especially early intervention (and challenge the taboo around seeking relationship support);
    • raise awareness that general relationship skills (beyond couple relationships) and healthy behaviour in dating and short term relationships both contribute to individuals’ ability to create healthy lasting relationships;
    • encourage people to develop relationships carefully balancing commitment and constraint;
    • encourage committed relationships including but not limited to marriage;
    • advocate healthy relationship goals;
    • promote relationship skills: communication, resolving conflict, connectedness;
    • raise awareness of the characteristics of unhealthy relationships.
  • Believe in equality across and not limited to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, religious beliefs, family composition.
  • Not party political.
  • Not advocating a particular faith and commitment to work with people from all faith backgrounds.
  • Non-judgmental.
  • Flexible and responsive.


Time commitment

  • Flexible – some weeks will see more activity than others, with busier times (such as interviews around media campaigns) offset by quieter weeks.
  • Assignments likely to range from (ad hoc) short pieces of writing (1-2 hours once a month) through to (planned) high profile role during media campaigns (1-2 days twice a year).
  • Willing to travel to London and Manchester for broadcast opportunities.


With your expression of interest, please include the names and contact details of 2 professional contacts we could follow up with.  These would only be contacted with your express permission.

FASTN believes that its impact is increased by becoming more reflective of the diverse population it serves. Expressions of interest are welcome from all candidates meeting the criteria above and recruitment will take place on evidence provided of fit with these criteria.  Applications from candidates with disabilities, minority ethnic and religious backgrounds are strongly encouraged since these characteristics are under-represented in our current organisation.

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to Catherine Hine: [email protected].

FASTN Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Statement

Catherine Hine, Chief Executive of the Family Stability network, said:

“We welcome the Government’s draft guidance on the future of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and its commitment to help young people achieve their stated relationships ambitions.

“It’s fantastic to see a number of our recommendations included in the guidance. More than 70% of young people want Relationships Education.  Just under three quarters of young people consider their ambition to have a long term, healthy and committed relationship – in many cases through marriage – as important as their career aspirations for adulthood.

“The values that are proven to underpin healthy intimate relationships – respect, commitment, communication, self-awareness and empathy – are inclusive principles which Government has recognised should form the basis of the curriculum. Relationships can have ups and downs – there are good times and bad – so the new guidance must ensure young people are empowered with the understanding and skills that support the commitment journey, which so many of them aspire to.

“We look forward to working alongside partners and Government so that the guidance delivers the relationship ambition of young people in practice.  This includes ensuring relationship support is available for young people outside the school, particularly through trusted sources online, where the majority of young people go looking for information. Youth workers, community organisations and parents are also key partners, who must be adequately supported to talk openly with young people about relationships.

“During the consultation period and beyond we will share with Government and frontline partners, examples of good practice that can strengthen future delivery of the curriculum. The consultation closes on Wednesday 7 November and we encourage parents, young people and teachers to seize this historic moment for the relationship health of the next generation. More information on how to respond is available here: https://consult.education.gov.uk/pshe/relationships-education-rse-health-education/