The vast majority of parents and teachers agree that it’s important for schools to help children understand and be prepared for relationships, new polling from Survation for the charity FASTN has revealed.

Over 90% of teachers and parents agree it is important for schools to help children understand relationships with friends and families.

Both groups were asked how important they thought it was that schools overall help children to understand and be prepared for a range of relationships.

For parents, 92% believe it is important schools help prepare children for relationships with friends and family. When it came to workplace colleagues the figure was 88%. When it came to sexual relationships 85% thought it was important.

Nearly all teachers (96%) thought schools were important when it came to helping children prepare and understand relationships with friends. The vast majority (94%) said the same about relationships with family and 91% thought it was important when it came to workplace and sexual relationships.

The polling, released to coincide with RSE Day, surveyed over 1,000 parents and 500 teachers about Relationships and Sex Education.

Catherine Hine, the CEO of FASTN, said: “There have been many negative headlines about RSE but this polling shows that parents and teachers are actually in agreement that schools have an important role to play when it comes to helping children learn about relationships of all kinds.


“The data is telling us when parents, teachers and young people hear what RSE actually is – that it’s helping children prepare for a range of relationships – they support it.


“RSE presents a vital opportunity to equip children with skills that will really benefit them for the rest of their lives, we must work together to make RSE a success.”

These latest findings echo the views of teenagers who were surveyed about RSE in 2017.

Nearly three quarters (72%)* of the teenagers said they wanted relationship education to help them achieve their relationship goals and 80% wanted help to understand what healthy and unhealthy relationships look like.  

Both polls show there is wide-ranging support for schools to help pupils to learn about and understand relationship skills.

From 2020, Relationships Education will be compulsory for primary pupils and Relationships and Sex Education will be compulsory for secondary pupils.

The new curriculum aims to enable all children to build the knowledge & skills needed to sustain healthy relationships. It will help them to relate to family and friends, looking at kindness, empathy and trust.

RSE can make a significant change for the better. Research** has shown that learning positive relationship skills during childhood can boost a host of outcomes, from academic performance and employment chances to physical and mental health.




For media enquires or further cases studies, please contact:  Danielle Glavin, FASTN’s Media Manager, via email: [email protected] or call 07916 235 777


*Survation Poll of Young People for FASTN. Sample size: 1,011 children aged 14-17. Date: December 2017.




About the poll

The Survation poll on RSE surveyed 1015 parents of children currently in a primary or secondary school in the UK interviewed online between 3rd – 11th June 2019 and 507 teachers currently teaching in a primary or secondary school  between 4th – 10th June 2019.